Let’s get straight to the point. It’s time to #UnMaskCalvinBall! 

->Calvin Ball raised property taxes 34%!
->Calvin Ball raised fees on real estate transactions by 50%! 
->Now, he’s deciding which Howard County businesses get to re-open and when. 


If Calvin Ball thinks he can quietly kill the Howard County business economy and blame the results on the Coronavirus and President Donald Trump, he’s got another thing coming. 

Businesses in Howard County are shutting down and people are hurting…

Will you chip in to the #UnMaskCalvinBall fund right now? We’re making sure every citizen knows the facts about Calvin Ball’s job-killing, tax & spend agenda. 
Here’s why this is so important.

Fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a real challenge, and our team is in jeopardy of falling short of our June goals.

I know the November elections may seem far off, but I assure you, much of the most important work of this election is being done right now.

It’s time for us to build a Party capable of fighting for the unmasking of Calvin Ball’s tax increases, political agenda policies, electing Republicans to represent you, and ultimately reelecting President Donald Trump. 

I can’t tell you how much this matters. We have to start NOW. Waiting to kick our efforts into high gear would all but guarantee defeat for the Howard County GOP.

Will you chip in to the #UnMaskCalvinBall fund right now with a $15 contribution right now?

We’re counting on Republicans like you from all across the region to get on board early when your support matters most. I know times are tough for many of us right now, but if you can spare even a couple of bucks, it’d make a massive difference for our party and community.

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