The FY17 Kittleman Budget: What You Need To Know

The Kittleman Budget: FY 2017

The County Executive holds the line on taxes and

prioritizes investment in:

  • education,

  • economic development, and

  • public safety.

The FY17 budget is the most disciplined budget in years.

The Kittleman Budget: FY 2017

The County Executive holds the line on taxes.

He also prioritizes investment in

  • education,

  • economic development, and

  • public safety.

The FY17 budget is the most disciplined budget in years.

In April 2016, Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman submitted the Operating and Capital Budgets for Fiscal Year 2017.

These budgets provide the basic outline for all county expenditures related to education, public safety, transportation, infrastructure, and other important priorities.

These budgets are the second proposed by the Kittleman Administration and is the first formulated after a year-long public listening period.

The result is comprehensive budgets that meet the demands of the county, but in a way that is cost effective and efficient.

The Fiscal Year 2017 budgets make clear the County Executive’s commitment to education and public safety and include no tax increases.

With the budgets now formally proposed, the Howard County Council will hold a public hearing on May 4th at 7:00 pm. Final passage is scheduled for May 26th.

Education Priorities: What You Need To Know

Educating Howard County students remains priority #1.

The Kittleman Administration is proposing to increase HCPSS funding.

  • The Administration’s operating budget proposes an increase in the HCPSS budget of $32 million (state & local funds) or 4.1% over FY2016. This increase doubled the previous year’s increase and is the second largest hike in the last 8 years.
    • In total, the Administration budget allocates $808.4 million to HCPSS.
  • The Kittleman budget fully funds negotiated teacher salary increases, special education funding, and 56 new teacher positions.

The County Executive’s capital budget proposal also includes:

  • Funding for new school construction and renovations:
    • Government Obligation (GO) bonds for school construction and renovation projects represent 37.5 percent of total GO funding for FY 2017, the highest percentage in the last four years.
      • $14.3 million will support the Wilde Lake Middle School construction project.
      • $9.9 million will fund Patuxent Valley Middle School renovations.
      • $18.3 million will fund Swansfield and Waverly elementary school renovations and additions.
  • An additional $14.5 million for the construction of the 42nd elementary school to accommodate the growing number of children in the northeastern and southeastern regions of the County.
  • Additional funds will be invested to support ongoing technology and systematic renovations of schools.

The Administration will continue investment in higher education through our support of Howard Community College.

  • Howard Community College will see a 4% funding increase in their operating budget.
  • $10.3 million from county capital funding will be directed toward the completion of Howard Community College’s Science, Engineering, and Technology Building.
  • Another $2.2 million in capital funding will be invested in systemic renovations on campus.

The Howard County Library System will see new investments:

  • The Howard County Library System will receive a 3.7% increase in their operating budget.
  • The Howard County Library System will receive $4 million in capital funding:
    • $1.3 million will be directed toward completion of a new Elkridge Branch and 50+ center.
    • $2.6 million will be invested in renovations of the Central and East Columbia branches.
    • Improvements to the East Columbia branch, including additional study rooms and new teen center, will be funded.
    • Improvements at Central Branch including expanded children’s classrooms, a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) classroom and space for adult education will see funding.
    • The budget provides funding for temporary sites while the East Columbia and Elkridge branches are closed.

Allan Kittleman’s proposed investment in HCPSS is the second largest in the last 8 years.

Public Safety: Making Howard County Safe

The Kittleman budget provides necessary resources to Howard County first responders.

One of the fundamental responsibilities of local government is to ensure public safety.

  • The FY 2017 operating budget includes funding to:
    • Support new academy classes in the Police Department and the Fire Department to offset attrition, assist with continued community outreach, and to meet growing service needs.
    • The budget also funding for a new police youth liaison position to facilitate year-round activities to improve outreach and build relationships with our young residents.
    • In addition, the Police Department will begin a pilot program to investigate the use of Body Worn Cameras (BWC).
    • The Department of Corrections will receive funding to support a full-time Re-Entry Coordinator position, which assists with finding employment, housing, and insurance among others. This was previously funded as a grant position.
  • The FY 2017 capital budget provides funding for priority projects for police, fire, and emergency operations.
    • An additional $3.6 million is allocated to complete the construction funding for a new fire station in Elkridge.
    • $9 million is set aside for a new 30,000-square-foot station in Waterloo.
      • These new facilities are needed to improve emergency response times in the rapidly growing eastern part of the County.
    • $1 million is for planning and designing a third police station to be located in Columbia.
    • $10.4 million for critical upgrades to our aging public safety radio system.
      • Radio system upgrades will ensure police, fire, and emergency personnel have reliable communications equipment to provide assistance in emergencies.

Mental Health and Health Services

Key investments in Howard County’s most precious resource: Citizens.

The Kittleman Administration is serious about improving Mental Health Services in Howard County.

  • To build on progress made during FY16, the Administration is dedicating $100,000 to implement the next phase recommended by the Behavioral Health Task Force.
  • In FY17, the Health Department will enhance the Community Health Worker Initiative Program by adding mental health expertise to the team.
  • A $250,000 grant will be directed toward the Sheppard Pratt Health System to support the design and construction of the Sheppard Pratt at Elkridge facility, which will deliver critically needed mental health services in the County. This increases the county’s total commitment to this important project to a total of $1 million over four years.

As Howard County continues to grow, improving medical emergency services is essential.

  • The Kittleman Administration provides $312,500 in FY 2017 to Howard County General Hospital to support the renovation of the Emergency Department.
    • These renovations will increase capacity and reduce wait times at the hospital.
    • The County’s total commitment over four years will total $1.25 million.
  • Through the Health Department, the County has piloted school-based wellness programs which have been a tremendous success, coordinating care for more than 1,700 enrolled students. These programs serve eight schools and help reduce absenteeism rates for children and result in improved grades and overall health. In the Kittleman budget, this program will no longer be considered a pilot and will become an ongoing service.

Housing and Community Services

Working together towards a community where all can live, grow, and prosper.

The Kittleman Administration is making community & social services more efficient and cost-effective:

  • The Kittleman Administration is partnering with the Association of Community Services to create a non-profit center, where the County’s front-line human service organizations will be housed under one roof.
    • $510,000 will be invested in this facility, which will serve to:
      • dramatically enhance collaboration among agencies,
      • improve the efficiency of space and enhance the visibility of service providers, and
      • pump new energy into any nonprofit organizations that serve the county’s most vulnerable populations.

A new, more robust Department of Community Resources and Services will help us implement the No Wrong Door philosophy to human services, encouraging government agencies to use a comprehensive approach to improving services for people needing support.

The Kittleman Administration is investing in operations that improve and speed up service delivery to the county’s seniors and veterans.

  • $50,000 will be directed to toward improvements in the Neighbor Ride’s Ride Match database. This funding will enable the organization to expand its transportation services for residents over the age of 60 to various activities.
  • $2 million will be invested to establish RENEW Howard in the Department of Housing and Community Development for rehabilitation loans to renovate or improve aging housing stock.
  • An administrator position on the Local Children’s Board is being created to improve grant-making efficiency and planning.
  • A $25,000 grant will fund the planning and design of the Howard County Veterans Memorial.
    • The Commission for Veterans and Military Families has championed this project, which will become a reality thanks to a partnership between the Commission, the County, and the Columbia Association.
    • The Kittleman Administration is creating a veterans services coordinator position in the Dept. of Community Resources & Services.
  • The Kittleman Administration is matching the State’s $250,000 grant for the Howard County Conservancy.
    • This funding will double existing education space and improve dedicated animal care areas.
  • $30,000 of Recreation and Parks funding will be directed to install outdoor electrical service at Carroll Baldwin Hall in Savage.
  • An additional $50,000 will be directed to support Rebuilding Together, a program dedicated to providing free home repairs to low-income homeowners.
  • Through the Community Services Partnerships (CSP), we are providing increased funding to critical service nonprofits, such as Grassroots Crisis Intervention, the Community Action Council, and Meals on Wheels among others.

Investments in Transportation & Infrastructure

The Kittleman budget includes money for road resurfacing and improvements.

The Kittleman Administration is serious about relieving congestion and spurring economic development.

  • $5 million will fund much-needed road resurfacing efforts.
  • $22.9 million will be dedicated to road construction.
  • $3.7 million will be allocated to constructing sidewalks, curbs, and traffic improvements to promote walking, biking and public transportation as prescribed in the Kittleman Administration’s Complete Streets Policy.

Earlier this year with Governor Larry Hogan, Allan Kittleman announced the expansion of Maryland Route 32 from Maryland Route 108 to Linden Church Road.

  • The County has committed excise tax funds to share the $33 million cost of this project with the State.

Bridge Columbia:

  • The Kittleman Administration is funding a NEPA study to evaluate the full range of environmental impacts of a new bridge and its alternatives. This study is a necessary first step towards making bridge project eligible for state and federal funding.

Flood Mitigation in Historic Ellicott City, environmental sustainability, and clean water.

  • The Kittleman Administration is budgeting $2.8 million for the study, design and construction of additional flood mitigation and stormwater efforts.
  • $2.9 million will be allocated towards the Glenwood Water and Waste Water Facility to meet National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit requirements.
  • Additional funds will be added to continue routine maintenance and upgrades to aging water and sewer infrastructure.
  • $46.7 million is allocated for water and sewer projects, primarily through metro district bonds and other designated resources.

New Investments in the County’s Parks & Recreation Facilities

Howard County parks will remain a treasure for years to come.


It was a brisk day for the release of the #hocomd Bicycle Master Plan!

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The Kittleman Administration will invest in parks, playgrounds, open spaces and recreational programs.

  • The FY17 budget continues necessary funding to upgrade and expand our recreational facilities.
  • $3.25 million for Phase 3 of Blandair Regional Park renovations is allocated.
    • This includes funding for a “Playground for All,” which will serve individuals with disabilities.
  • Previously committed capital funds will be used to construct a ball field and picnic pavilion at Troy Park to be completed this fall.

North Laurel Community Center

  • The Kittleman Administration will commence the planning process for an aquatics addition at the North Laurel Community Center.
  • Outyear resources are allocated to ensure this facility becomes a reality.

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