Survey Page Thank You for Participating

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 Thank you for participating in our 2019 Issue Survey. We appreciate your time and participation, and will not share your responses with anyone.

This is important.

When the liberals took over Howard County Government in 2018, we knew we were in for trouble. Since then, taxes have gone up 34% and our communities and schools are being torn apart.

We have to fight back!

If left unchecked, County Executive Calvin Ball and the liberal extremists on the County Council will continue legislating Howard County into their progressive utopia.

We have to stop them!

Get involved in the effort to rebuild the Howard County Republican Party as we recruit and support strong candidates that will stand up to the Democrats in 2020 and beyond.  Those candidates will need resources and infrastructure, and the local Party must be strong enough to deliver.

Can you help support the effort with a donation today?

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