2022 Candidates – State


Dan Cox
for Governor 

State Delegate Dan Cox is a husband, father,
Republican conservative candidate for Governor of Maryland
and believer in the goodness of God for the people of our great State.

He has been a leading force fighting for the lives and livelihoods of all Marylanders.

A lifelong Marylander, Dan has served the People of Maryland as a small businessman, 15+ year Constitutional attorney, and State Delegate representing one of the largest Districts in Maryland (Frederick & Carroll Counties, D4) with over 130,000 constituents.  Dan was previously the Republican nominee for Congress in the gerrymandered CD8 (Takoma Park to Emmitsburg), receiving over 127,000 votes - the highest number for a Republican in CD8 since Congresswoman Connie Morella, and he served as the elected President of a small Maryland Town Council overseeing and solving complex environmental and infrastructural problems without raising taxes.

His bill to reduce the regulatory burden of the Maryland Code by examining all overreaching laws passed unanimously. He has sponsored and co-sponsored legislation to end human and sex trafficking and keep registered sex offenders away from schools.

During 2020-2021 he led the Legislative effort in the General Assembly to end the unconstitutional executive order lockdowns with his Consent of the Governed Act and HJ 2 - to End the overreaching State of Emergency. He is currently fighting the unlawful and discriminatory coercive mandates for the EUA jab.

Dan Cox will govern with constitutional integrity and offers a five-point “Contract with Maryland” that is founded in our individual liberty interests to protect and defend every Marylander of all persuasions.

With a rich and lengthy family history from Frederick & Carroll Counties to Baltimore City and County, and his wife from the heart of the Chesapeake on the Eastern Shore, Dan shares a vision of success for the future of Maryland where  Marylanders can not only live, work and raise a family, but where vacations and retirement are also a safe and affordable reality.  Dan lives with his wife Valerie and their children in Frederick County in Western Maryland where he grew up.

Gordana Schifanelli
for Lt. Governor

 Gordana Schifanelli is a successful attorney and former professor of Law and Economics at the United States Naval Academy. She came to America from war-torn Yugoslavia in 1999 and is now a U.S. citizen.

Gordana and her husband Marc, a disabled American Veteran, now retired, who spent 22 years as the Army Special Forces Officer, have a strong history together of fighting for America and our freedom.  They are small business owners here in Maryland.

Gordana said: “I have seen the evils of communism unfold before my eyes.  I’ve lived it for 28 years and I am watching the same evil creeping into our schools and communities.  Our teachers, parents, children, soldiers, first responders, and seniors deserve to remain free from invasion of their bodily integrity, coercion to conformity, threats and duress attacking their livelihood, only for the sake of control by the very government our Founders have fought to limit.

“As your Lt. Governor, I pledge to uphold our Constitution with its Bill of Rights and Maryland’s Declaration of Rights as our supreme law of the land; to be the voice of our past settlers and immigrants, who, like myself, didn’t come to America and Maryland from wealth and privilege, but came and continue to come and see this land as the land of the free and home of the brave!”

Gordana and her husband Marc, who has deep Annapolis roots, live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and have three children, the oldest of whom has accepted a commission in the U.S. Army.

Please join our campaign for freedom today by signing up at DanCoxforGovernor.com.  Together we can Restore Freedom to the Free State!

Michael Peroutka
For Attorney General

 Marylanders are demanding Constitutional Government Be Restored.


As Attorney General, Michael Peroutka will:

1)    prosecute public officials who have exceeded their lawful authority and have violated the God-given, constitutionally protected liberties of Marylanders.  This includes investigating and seeking indictments against business entities that have colluded with malfeasant public officials to deny the rights of individuals.

2)    Secure the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

3)    Defend the lives of the pre-born and the elderly.

4)    Restore election integrity by:

a.    investigating anomalies in recent elections in Maryland

b.    conducting a comprehensive review of election processes to ensure fairness, openness, and transparency.

c.     Prosecuting those who have falsified election processes or results

5)    The next Attorney General must act to protect Marylanders from those who have entered The United States and our State unlawfully or under false pretenses as well as those who have unlawfully colluded with them to do so.
Website :  Patriots4Peroutka.com          Email:  Michael@Patriots4Peroutka.com      Twitter:https://twitter.com/Patriots4Perou1

Barry Glassman

for Comptroller

My passion for public service has been instilled in me from my early years as a volunteer first responder. I have always defined success as working on behalf of all my constituents, regardless of political affiliation, race, gender, or financial status, I have stayed true to myself and my long-held compassionate beliefs. I always remember taxpayer dollars come from hard working Maryland families. As a public servant, I’m focused on using those resources to provide quality services and fight waste and abuse in government spending. I have balanced our Harford County budget WITHOUT RAISING TAXES. I am a PASSIONATE ADVOCATE for education, the economy and public safety. I have led businesses, served as State Delegate, a State Senator as well as a two-term County Executive. With my leadership we have maintained a AAA BOND RATING. I have led Marylanders steadily through two recessions, an Opioid crisis, and a pandemic.

I have the EXPERIENCE required and the PASSION needed to serve Marylanders with fiscal expertise and accountability.

That is why I am asking to serve you as the next COMPTROLLER OF MARYLAND. I look forward to you joining me on this journey, as together, we will lead our state into a brighter fiscal future.


Delegate Reid Novotny

For State Senator - Maryland Senate District 9

Delegate Reid J. Novotny has been in service to our Nation for over 20 years. He is dedicated to serving others and committed to making the United States and Maryland a better place to live, work and retire. After moving his daughter from three houses in the first four years of her life; Colonel Reid Novotny left Active-Duty Air Force to stay in Maryland and keep his daughter in public school. Reid volunteers through his daughters’ school, serve in the Maryland National Guard specializing in Cybersecurity, and is developing a small business to help other small businesses succeed in Maryland. Reid has served at his local PTA, National volunteer organizations, all the way up to advising members of Congress. He is excited about the opportunity to continue to serve in the Maryland General Assembly representing all constituents by expanding parents’ rights in education, supporting safer communities, and reducing the cost of living and retirement in Maryland. Reid attended The George Washington University and Howard University on an Air Force Scholarship studying Computer Science and has a master’s degree in Computer Security and Strategic Communications. Reid has been happily married since 2006, they have one daughter who attends Public Schools, and they live in Western Howard County.

(Please consider donating through this link)

www.reidnovotny.com     reid@reidnovotny.com     FB: @Reid4MD     Twitter:@reidnovotny     Insta: @reidnovotny

Trent Kittleman

Delegate - Maryland House of Delegates District 9A

Trent was elected as State Delegate for Maryland District 9A on November 4th, 2014.

Member of House of Delegates since January 14, 2015. Deputy Minority Whip, 2022-. Member, Appropriations Committee, 2019- (education & economic development subcommittee, 2019; oversight committee on pensions, 2019; transportation & the environment subcommittee, 2020-; oversight committee on personnel, 2020-); Joint Audit and Evaluation Committee, 2021-. Member, Judiciary Committee, 2015-18 (civil law & procedure subcommittee, 2015-18). Member, Maryland Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus, 2015-; Maryland Veterans Caucus, 2016-; Maryland Legislative Transit Caucus, 2019-. President, Women Legislators of Maryland, 2019-20 (member, 2015-; treasurer, 2016-17; 1st vice-president, 2017-18; president-elect, 2018-19).

Member, Montgomery County Transportation Policy Task Force II, 2000-01.

Minority Council to Chair, U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, 2002-03.

Deputy Secretary, Department of Transportation, 2003-04. Executive Secretary, Maryland Transportation Authority, 2004-07. Member, Task Force on Traffic Capacity Across the Chesapeake Bay, 2004-06.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, May 7, 1945. Attended Catonsville Senior High School, Catonsville, Maryland; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B.A. (english), 1967; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.A. (english literature), 1970; University of Maryland School of Law, J.D., 1991; Georgetown University, Executive Leadership Coaching Certificate, 2010. Admitted to Maryland Bar, 1991; District of Columbia Bar, 1993. Attorney. Associate, Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn, 1991-96. Vice-President, Legislative Affairs, Marriott International, 2000-02 (senior counsel, 1996-99). Managing Partner, GenderStrategy, 2007-. Board of Directors, University of Maryland School of Law Alumni Association, 1992-2003 (president, 2002-03). Howard County Leadership Program, 1993-94. Board of Visitors, University of Maryland School of Law, 1998-2004. Board of Directors, Columbia Foundation, 1999-2005. Member, Howard County Republican Central Committee, 2006-10. Advisory Board, Women's Giving Circle, 2008-12. Member, Business Women's Network, 2010-; American Association of University Women, 2010-; League of Women Voters, 2011-; National Rifle Association, 2013-. Author, Why Must There Be Dragons? Empowering Women to Master Their Careers Without Changing Men, 2008. Maryland Woman of the Year, WTS, Inc. (Women's Transportation Seminar), 2004. Maryland's Top 100 Women, Daily Record, 2004. Robert H. Kittleman Life Achievement Award, Howard County Republican Central Committee, 2010. Two children; six grandchildren.

Jenny Zeng

for House of Delegates, District 9A

  • Restore our Community in the Post pandemic era, restore balanced Governance

  • Restore Excellence in Education, Empower Parents' voices and stop political indoctrination

  • Improve Public Safety and make sure our first responders have my full support

  • Support Small Business, lower taxes and and reduce regulatory burdens

  • Reduce Taxes for Retirees and Veterans

  • Protect FARM Land and Advance agricultural Technologies



Lisa Kim

for House of Delegates, District 9B

• Focused on flood mitigation, forest preservation and the environment
• Children and adults with special needs service volunteer
• Fighting for additional funding and educational programs; personally sponsored PTA memberships for low-income families in Maryland schools
• Public safety and crime reduction is a vital priority
• Address the rising costs of living for the residents of Howard County
• Supports stopping big developer corruption in Maryland
• Proven champion of the hard-working citizen, and an advocate for the underserved
• Senior Citizen Award recipient from Senator Chris Van Hollen for service to Seniors of Howard County
• Established ethnic-meal delivery program in Howard County in conjunction with Meals on Wheels
• Worked to secure the light rail Purple Line to link 4 Maryland suburbs
• Experienced Legislator as a 3-term elected City Councilmember



Bob Cockey

for - Maryland Senate, District 12

A conservative Republican who believes we need to get back to the core values that built this great nation.
 bobcockey.com for campaign contribution and additional info Reach me  bobcockey@gmail.com

Padraic Walsh

for House of Delegates, District 13

I was raised in a large family with a strong work ethic.  Everybody contributed to the success of the household.  My father was a heroic fighter pilot in the Navy and the Air National Guard.  My mother was a schoolteacher with a joyful heart and a smile for everyone she met.  I moved to Maryland in 1990 after marrying the love of my life, Dede, and we moved to Howard County in 1995.  I am a career businessman with extensive experience in fiscal and operations management.  I am a communications specialist in both technology and hospitality.  For the last 20 years I have focused my talents on removing language barriers and improving communications between diverse people of many cultures at international meetings and multilingual events. 

My parents taught me the great life-lesson of respect for every person because we are all created in the image and likeness of God.  Our constitutional freedoms are based on our inherent dignity from God.  He has given us our life and our liberty.  No state or government or power can take away what is our birthright.  Still, we must fight the encroachments on our liberty by those in power.  Truth and transparency are the light which we depend on to see the power grabs.  Tyranny can only succeed in the darkness of lies and ignorance, and the last two years have been very dark, indeed.

We are at a juncture which requires each of us to stand up and fight against those powers who would steal our birthright in exchange for offers of "safety" and pleasure.  Let us not be the final generation of Americans who knew freedom but traded it for lies.  Our freedom is sustained by vigorous adherence to the truth at all times and in all places.  If elected, I will always speak the truth and fight for freedom.

Chris Yates

for Delegate - Maryland House of Delegates District 13

In Maryland the democrats have a supermajority, meaning they can pass any legislation they want because the Republicans don’t have enough votes to stop them and they can override every Governor‘s veto.  There is no diversity in the general assembly, no competition over ideas and policy. We need to stop their overreach and prevent them from enacting their national policies.

In the upcoming midterm election, we can stop this democratic madness by your votes in numbers and break their hold in the state house. This is my 3rd try as an alternative to the ruling class. We are approaching a point where your vote won’t matter and there will be no alternative.  I am Chris Yates and with my colleague, Padraic Walsh, we are standing up for Howard County to represent you in the General Assembly and to stop this. We ask for your vote and hope it matters to you.

Website address: Yates4delegate.com    Email address: yates4delegate@gmail.com