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Maryland State Board of Education votes to rescind mask mandate for schools, sending final decision to General Assembly

This article first appeared here on The Maryland State Board of Education voted Tuesday to rescind an emergency regulation mandating the use of face masks in schools, sending the decision to state lawmakers for final approval. Board ...

Police: Suspect’s crime spree in Howard County involves 89 victims, possibly more

This article first appeared here on COLUMBIA, MD. — Howard County authorities said one man's crime spree left dozens of victims in his wake. County police said investigators connected 19-year-old Kaishawn Johnson to a series of crimes ...

Hispanic Students Were Forced To Learn Critical Race Theory. They Hated It.

Kali Fontanilla discovered that not only was CRT being taught in the classroom—her minority students were failing it. This article first appeared here on During the 2020 fall semester, Kali Fontanilla—a high school English language ...

Fed’s Powell pumped trillions into the economy. Now, he may be the party killer.

Heightened frustration among Americans about soaring prices is fueling congressional pressure on the Fed chief over how the Fed will respond. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has won bipartisan praise for two years for helping to ...

HCGOP Responds to Executive Ball’s Misuse of County Website

In case you missed it, County Executive Calvin Ball recently issued a “Statement regarding the Citizens Election Fund” on and for the official the Howard County Public website.  That sounds reasonable—until you read it.  His statement ...

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