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Redistricting – The Central Committee Responds to the County Council Resolution

Howard County Council Resolution 112-2019 urges the County’s school system to implement a plan to ensure that all schools are “integrated by socioeconomic factors and remain integrated in future years.” In other words– the very words used in Council member Christiana Mercer Rigby’s press release–our Council has resolved to “desegregate” Howard County’s Schools… again.

The Council has no authority to control the redistricting process. Its attempt to influence the process might seem an empty gesture; but it’s also a red flag that the supporters of income-based and race-based redistricting are attempting to bypass the democratic process, making decisions based on what they, as self-appointed experts, “know” to be good for all of us.

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Redistricting Resource Kit

 Michael J. Martirano, Superintendent of the Howard County Public School System, proposed a plan for redistricting County schools on August 22, 2019. That plan has been, to say the least, controversial, taking as its goal an attempt to equalize school populations on a socio-economic basis. The Republican Party of Howard County encourages all County residents to make their concerns known via testimony. Public meetings begin September 17, 2019. The posted schedule for these meetings is here. Access to these meetings may be limited to families with children in specific schools.

Testimony will also be accepted via email.

Below are some resources which may be helpful in understanding the issues involved, and in preparing testimony.

Make your voice heard!

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The American Dream is alive in Howard County.