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Public Safety
As youth crime spikes, Maryland legislative committees to 'tweak' justice reform laws

Howard County parents press school system to return bus service to thousands of students

This article first appeared here on HOWARD COUNTY, Md. (WBFF) — Howard County families are in a race against time to stop their own school system from cutting bus service to thousands of students. The district expects students, ...

Ballots and Brunch Fundraiser

If a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step, then today’s Ballots and Brunch Fundraiser was definitely a major leap in the Right direction! Republicans from throughout Howard County and surrounding counties gathered to ...


The article first appeared here on In recent years, we have become all too familiar with the phrase: “Democracy dies in darkness.” Such is the case with the new controversy surrounding the unethical closure of ...

Bold New Initiative

In 2023, Howard County Republicans are embarking on a bold mission to register 10K new Republicans in 4 years, set up a rapid response apparatus to keep Republican and Unaffiliated voters informed, and develop stronger linkages ...

Judge throws out Maryland congressional map over ‘extreme’ gerrymandering

This article first appeared here on A Maryland judge has thrown out the state’s congressional map, calling it an “extreme partisan gerrymander” in what is a victory for Republicans who said Democrats in the state ...

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