On this day, three years ago.

Three years ago, I was honored and humbled when the voters elected me as Howard County’s 9th County Executive.

In the time since, I am proud my Administration eliminated the $14.7 million budget deficit we inherited, funded new teacher positions including ones that specialize in special education, and helped bring a community back together in the wake of a 1,000 year flood.

Our work, however, is not done.

My Administration is working overtime to revitalize parts of our community such as the Long Reach Village Center and Rt. 1 among others. We are doing more to bring jobs so HCPSS grads can have quality opportunities here when they return from college.

And we are working hard to preserve our way of life here in Howard County by enforcing public safety laws and ensuring responsible development to reduce the strains on our infrastructure.

We have much work ahead and I am as motivated today as I was on day one.

Be Heard Howard County

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