Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission – DRAFT MAP

Here’s the draft Congressional base map (a beginning draft only; it’s sure to change) that the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission came up with at its meeting Thursday, Sept. 9. 

The commission developed apparent consensus on not crossing the Chesapeake Bay, a question discussed from points of view on both sides. 
The base map under consideration 1) creates a district in the D.C. suburbs straddling the Montgomery/Prince George’s line; 2) keeps Howard County whole, joining it with most of Anne Arundel; 3) joins Southern Maryland to southern Prince George’s; 4) creates a Baltimore County district; 5) puts Carroll County in a Western Maryland district; and 6) holds county splits to a minimum.

The Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission is an all-volunteer body consisting of three registered Democrats, three registered Republicans and three persons registered with neither party, with one chair from each category.  It was created in an executive order by Gov. Larry Hogan and by the terms of that order is forbidden to consider partisan advantage, political data such as party registration, or the location of residence of incumbents or other individuals. 

The process is one of give and take (some ideas were adopted, others not) which will continue as the meetings go on and more is heard from the public. Comment on this or other maps at the MCRC’s upcoming public hearings 9/13, 9/14, and 9/20. Written comments are also accepted as are map submissions.

For more information about the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commissioin click here.

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