Kittleman Expands Howard County Food Bank

In a sign of his dedication to delivering “good government” services, County Executive Allan Kittleman recently announced $290,000 to renovate and expand the local Howard County food bank. He reminded residents that “in an affluent … county like Howard, we can forget that people suffer setbacks, go without basic necessities and lack adequate housing. We need to stay cognizant and make it a priority to work on these issues and support the individuals and non-profits dedicated to these causes.”

Expanding Essential Services To Howard County Residents

The money will go towards the Community Action Council food bank, which is based in Columbia. The move comes as the nation commemorates Hunger Action Month to create awareness of food deserts and the struggle to find nutritious food and is in line with Allan’s philosophy of partnering with local community organizations to deliver government services for residents of Howard County.

DSC_0171The food bank has outgrown its old space, which required it to expand in order to hold more donated food. Residents in Howard County have donated more than 685,000 pounds of food that served over 27,000 people in 2014.

The new expansion will allow for more food to be donated to the renovated Howard County food bank, while letting those who come in for food to wait indoors – something they couldn’t do in the old food bank. According to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey in 2012, 5% of Howard County residents live below the poverty line. They will be served by the expansion of the food bank, which will help them supplement their diet with nutritious food staples.

Allan has long believed a more efficient government can be a beneficial force for delivering essential services while partnering with effective local organizations. This measure not only delivers essential services, but expands them, while partnering with local community organizations to deliver an essential community service. The expanded food bank will go a long way to make sure every Howard County have the resources to make sure they have access to quality and nutritious food.

Allan has been vocal about the issue of food security, and the $290,000 donation is a sign that he’s serious about addressing the issue in Howard County.

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