Kevin Forrest Schmidt Accepts Parents’ Choice Of Maryland Endorsement:

Statement by Kevin Forrest Schmidt upon accepting the Parents’ Choice of Maryland endorsement:

 “It is an honor to be endorsed by Parents Choice of Maryland, and I gratefully accept their support. More so than ever before, now is not the time to rest on our laurels.  With 28 days left until the election, the importance of voting on November 4th cannot be overstated.

Over the course of this campaign, we have seen a clear choice: moving everyone in our community forward together, through a renewed commitment to higher standards of transparency, responsibility, and inclusion, or staying stuck in the same practices that leave much to be desired on every front from education, development, transportation, and more.

Complacency, non-transparency, and rehashing of the same ideas is not what the families of this District need.

With two young boys attending Howard County public schools, I stand with all parents of District 1 in demanding a better home for our families—one that invests responsibly in what we have now in order to empower our future.

parents choice maryland logoI am humbled that the Parents Choice of Maryland writes, “It is apparent that you want to provide the opportunity for our children and grandchildren to have a better quality of life than we had. And you have demonstrated to us, through words and deeds that that you care and you are compassionate. Perhaps most important of all, you will address the needs of the voter over all others, especially special interests and political activists. We are proud of you.”

 This endorsement energizes me even more for this final sprint before the election, and I look forward to supporting and having the opportunity to meet and listen to more Howard County families as I trek across our District, our home.”


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