Jim’s Eight Takes on the HoCo APFO Bill

There are 8 proposed amendments to CB1-2018 (APFO). Here’s my take on all eight:

#1 – Limit the redistribution of residential units to final developments plans that are not using CEPPAs (community enhancements, programs and public amenities) – SUPPORT

#2 – Allow higher capacity limits for individual schools where such school’s region is under 100% capacity or, in the case of high schools, the region is under 105% capacity – SUPPORT WITH MODIFICATION: The amendment limits the capacity increase to 5% for individual elementary and middle schools, but has no limit to the increase for high schools. I believe the 5% increase should apply to high schools as well.

#3 – Create a process to balance schools and affordable housing – OPPOSE: The process strikes me as quite subjective and potentially opens a huge loophole to APFO.

#4 – Increase re-testing provisions for school capacity from 3 years to 6 years – SUPPORT WITH MODIFICATION: I believe doubling the testing period in one feel swoop is too drastic. I support an increase to 4 years now.

#5 – Modify roads test provisions – MOSTLY OPPOSE: this amendment has four major components (1) increase the limit for the lowest level of

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