Howard County Delegation proposed Legislation

The Howard County Delegation of Maryland’s General Assembly met on January 15th, 2020 to consider legislation to be submitted to the state legislature. Four bills, submitted by Delegates Ebersole and Hill, as well as Senator Lam,, are of particular interest to Howard Countians concerned about redistricting.

Howard County Republicans are very concerned about the implications of this targeted legislation, and how elected Democrats seem to be inviting State meddling at a County level to suit their own agendas.

The bills are:

Ho. Co. 01-20 Requiring regular redistricting for under-utilized schools

Ho. Co. 02-20 Barring Realtors from mentioning school districts in advertising homes for sale

Ho. Co. 04-20 Requiring residential sale contracts contain disclaimers about school districts

Ho. Co. 06-20 Requiring the Board of Education to report to the General Assembly on student demographics, and empowering the General Assembly to intervene.

Dr. Chao Wu of the Board of Education has also shared this HCPSS analysis of proposed legislation.

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