HCGOP Seeks Candidates for Board of Elections

The Howard County Republican Central Committee is accepting applications for two Board Member positions on the Howard County Board of Elections. Applications and more information can be found on the attached form. The application is due by January 25, 2023 at 5PM via email to info@hcgop.org or at beth173@verizon.net. Interviews will be scheduled as necessary. All applicants will be expected to attend. If you have any questions, please reach out to Beth Rettaliata Lawson at Beth173@verizon.net

Deadline for Application: Wednesday, January 25 [5PM]

Position Description:

The Howard County Republican Central Committee is accepting applications for two positions as Board Members for the Howard County Board of Elections. Each Board Member position is a 4-year commitment whereby selected nominees undergo confirmation by the Maryland State Senate.

Each local board is subject to the direction and authority of the State Board of Elections (SBE).  The local board is accountable to the SBE for its actions in all matters regarding the implementation of the requirements of this article and any applicable federal law.  The local board also oversees the conduct of all elections held in Howard County and ensures that the elections process is conducted in an open, convenient, and impartial manner.  This is not a legislative position.  Instead, board members are to ensure that each local board enacts election laws passed by the Maryland General Assembly, even if ones does not agree with stated laws.


  • 5-year resident of Howard County immediately preceding the appointment
  • Registered Republican voter [the Howard County Republican Central Committee will only nominate registered Republicans for these two Board Member positions]
  • Must be available for Monthly Board Meeting (generally on the 4th Monday of each month)
  • Must be available for the Primary and General Elections as well as the canvass for each election (Canvass is 3-5 days based on need. Election night and canvasses can run late in to the night)
  • Attend annual conference for State Board of Elections

An individual subject to this section may not, while holding the position:

(i) Hold or be a candidate for any elective public or political party office or any other office created under the Constitution or laws of this State;

(ii) Use the individual’s official authority for the purpose of influencing or affecting the result of an election; or

(iia) Except as provided in subsection ii, as to any candidate or any matter that is subject to an election under this article:

o          be a campaign manager;

o          be a treasurer or sub-treasurer for a campaign finance entity; or

o          take any other active part in political management or a political campaign

To apply, please submit the following items to Chair of Howard County Republican Central Committee [Beth Rettaliata Lawson; beth173@verizon.net]:

  1.  Application form
  2. Resume/CV suggested but not required
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