Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for our many blessings of family and friendship. I hope you’ll use this opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones during this holiday.


We’ve faced major challenges this year including a record-setting blizzard, a significant tornado and a tragic Ellicott City flood. Many communities would buckle under the stress associated with such tremendous natural disasters, but not Howard County. Yes, we have been tested, but we came together and helped our neighbors, as well as strangers, because we are a caring and loving community.


I have come through these challenges with a new appreciation of how fortunate we truly are. While most of us have much to be grateful for, I hope you’ll remember those less fortunate who may be hungry, homeless, or facing a personal crisis. Please think of them and be generous with your assistance and support. Remember, we’re all in this journey together.


I wish you peace and good health as we observe not only the fun and feasting of Thanksgiving, but the thoughts behind it as well. Have a safe and happy holiday!


-Allan Kittleman


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