My twin sister Julie and I were born and raised in Cumberland, Rhode Island.  Cumberland is a small town with steep hills and deep green valleys, built along a river called the Blackstone.  It is full of hard working people from all walks of life.  I believe that one of the reasons I feel so connected to this area is that it feels like my hometown.  My mother, Barbara Butler-Schmidt raised us by herself, and still managed to get her Master’s degree in Nursing.  It is from her that I learned the true value of education.

I have been married to Nikki Naylor Schmidt for over ten years.  She is my partner in every sense of the word.nikki at the spring fair Nikki was born and raised in Carroll County, MD (where her parents still live) and went to school at Salisbury University.  Not long ago, I convinced my mother to move to Ellicott City from Vermont – citing adorable grandchildren, excellent senior services and a fantastic community. 

canines for kevinNikki and I have two kids James (9) and Joey (6) and a rescue dog named Amber (12).  James and Joey attend Centennial Lane Elementary School.

 Family dog Amber is less ambitious academically and prefers to snooze in sun patches and cruise for leftovers.  I can be found on Sunday afternoons at Kiwanis-Wallas Park cheering on both of my boys at their baseball games. 

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