District 9A Vacancy – Solicitation for Public Comment

The Republican Central Committee of Howard County has received eight applications to fill the seat to be vacated by Maryland Delegate Warren Miller (R-9A) on December 31, 2020. The application deadline was December 15, 2020. The applicants are:

Christopher Eric Bouchat

Allison Cordell

Scott Jendrek

Kyle Lorton

Reid Novotny

Glenn Peters

Mavourene Robinson

Chris Yates

The Committee invites written public comment on the candidates, to be directed to info@hcgop.org. Requesting a read receipt is recommended. Comments may also be mailed to PO Box 26, Ellicott City, MD 21041. The deadline for consideration is December 25, 2020. Because of the holiday, mailed entries delivered by the U.S. Post Office by December 26, 2020 will be considered.

The Carroll County Republican Central Committee is also accepting applications for this position. Because they are governed by different bylaws, their deadline for applications was December 18, 2020. This list, therefore, may not include the names of all applicants.

Delegates must be residents of the district they represent. Any of the above applicants who do not reside in District 9A are disqualified and will not be interviewed. Interviews will be scheduled beginning December 26, 2020. A schedule of interviews will be released to the public.

The Howard County Central Committee will supply the Carroll County Central Committee with copies of all application materials collected under the Howard County process. Both committees plan to work together to select a single recommendation for appointment by Governor Hogan.

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