Del. Trent Kittleman Interim Update #2: Three Strikes & You’re Out!

I trust you are all having a wonderful summer.  Thank you, again, for the opportunity to serve as your legislator, helping to craft legislation and to advocate for individuals who need assistance navigating the state bureaucracy.  These past two years have been especially challenging for us all, particularly for constituents trying to access their unemployment insurance. 

Next year, I will be completing my second four-year term representing District 9A in the Maryland House of Delegates, and I will be seeking to serve for four more years.  I am asking for your help. I believe that this News from Annapolis that I publish weekly during session is an important part of serving my constituents, and I look forward to continuing the Newsletter for another four years.

Below is an invitation to a fundraiser that I am hosting at my farm in West Friendship, Howard County. I hope you can come; I look forward to seeing you, If not, I am asking you to make a donation to my campaign in whatever amount you feel appropriate.  

I seldom hold fundraisers, but I believe the next four years in Maryland are going to be crucial, there are so many issues that matter. I want to work to stem the tide of Marylanders leaving our state because of the high taxes on retirees.  I want to work for more choice in education so that all of our children have access to a good education, no matter what their income is.  I want to work to end the move to “defund the police,” and support legislation to stop the increase in violent crimes and will protect honest Marylanders rather than criminals. I want to work for you.

Many thanks for your interest in my newsletter.  We’ll be back on a regular basis beginning with session next January. 
Buy tickets here.
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