County Executive Allan Kittleman Takes Rockburn Branch Park Off List of Possible Locations for 13th High School

In late December, the Howard County Times picked up on a letter County Executive Allan Kittleman sent Superintendent Michael Martirano regarding the use of Rockburn Branch Park as the potential location for Howard County’s 13th High School.

The location had been evaluated by the county at the request of Council members Calvin Ball and Jon Weinstein who requested the to consider Rockburn Branch Park as a potential location for the 13th high school. Their request was echoed by several members of the Board of Education.



Pasted below is the County Executive’s letter to Dr. Martirano.

 “As you know, funding education and providing support for the anticipated long-term student population growth in Howard County is my top priority. I remain committed to our collaborative relationship, working together to provide a high level of education for all students.

In the past several months, I have demonstrated this commitment by accelerating funding to build a 13th high school to relieve overcrowding and provide a long-term solution for high school capacity needs. I also fast-tracked the acquisition and purchase of a 12-acre site in Turf Valley to enable the school system to plan for a future elementary school that

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