Check My Record: The Second Amendment

Allan Kittleman’s opponent has spent thousands of dollars distorting his views on the second amendment.

Don’t let political rhetoric confuse the truth.  Allan Kittleman supports common sense gun laws. – The same laws President Bill Clinton fought hard to enact.

Did you know:  

  • Allan Kittleman has supported current Maryland law requiring universal background checks which includes checks at gun shows.
  • Allan supports the 7 day waiting period when a person seeks to purchase a handgun.
  • Allan supports the one gun for 30 day limitation.

Many of these laws have been on the books for years.  As they should be.

Senator Kittleman supports the second amendment, but he is not a gun owner, nor is he a member of the NRA.

When asked about the 2013 gun legislation introduced in the Maryland State Senate, Senator Kittleman was open about his concerns regarding several of the proposed licensing provisions.

It has been estimated that it will cost an individual close to $400 for a person to obtain a “firearm qualification license.” Such a large amount will make it difficult for a low income individual to purchase a firearm.

It is reminiscent of the days when our nation allowed discriminatory “poll taxes” before someone would be allowed to vote. With the large licensing fees, we are making it more difficult for low income individuals to exercise their constitutional rights and be able to protect themselves. Senator Kittleman believes it is unfair to say that it is alright for a rich person to own a gun for protection, but not for someone on a modest salary.

Senator Allan Kittleman opposes gun ownership for convicted abusers and those whom a judge has deemed to be a permanent threat to the safety of a spouse/partner.

With regard to temporary protective orders, Senator Kittleman supports authorizing the courts to suspend a person’s firearms license and order the surrender of firearms if the court finds that there is a substantial risk the person may threaten to use or has used a firearm against a person who is the subject of a domestic violence order.[1]

[1] Maryland General Assembly. “Fiscal and Policy Note Revised.” Accessed September 15, 2014.

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