Check My Record: Reproductive Rights

Reproductive Rights

With regard to abortion, Senator Kittleman has issued the following statement:

“The issue of reproductive choice has been decided by the people of Maryland and as I have already stated I do not advocate changing current law.  I believe this issue is a private matter between a woman and her doctor and I do not think the government has a role in that decision.  It is my hope that abortions remain safe, rare and legal.”



Senator Kittleman supports access to contraceptives and has not “tried to limit women’s access to common forms of birth control”, as his opponent has charged. . She has referenced legislation that Senator Kittleman opposed in Annapolis that would have allowed a prescription contraceptive to be purchased over the counter.

Senator Kittleman had no objection to allowing adults to make these purchases. However, he was concerned that the legislation did not have any age restrictions. Therefore, being the father of two girls, he did not want young children to have access to a prescription medicine without the knowledge of their parents.

Had the legislation had an age restriction, Senator Kittleman would have supported it. The legislation was actually defeated by a bipartisan majority in the Maryland State Senate.


Stem Cell Research

Allan Kittleman supports the funding of embryonic and adult stem cell research. His opponent attacks him for voting against legislation that would have limited the funding solely to embryonic stem cell research.

Senator Kittleman supported an amendment that would have allowed the experts to determine which type of stem cell research should be funded – embryonic or adult – depending on which had more promise of success. In his opinion, how government money is directed to fund this type of research should be decided by experts in the field, not mandated by the government.



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