Check My Record: Civil Rights

You may have received mailings or other types of communications from “Team Howard Slate” attacking Allan Kittleman and distorting his record on various issues. Although such negative campaigning is not how campaigns have been run in Howard County, our opponent it seems, is willing to say anything to get elected. Now, let us tell you where Allan stands.

Allan Kittleman is the one candidate in the race for Howard County Executive with an actual track record supportive of Civil Rights.  

As County Executive, Allan Kittleman will continue the legacy of his father, Bob Kittleman, a champion of civil rights in the 1960s in Howard County. Bob Kittleman was the first white president of the Howard County NAACP and worked to desegregate schools in Howard County.

Allan has a proven record of supporting civil rights issues while in the Maryland State Senate. After meeting with advocates on both sides of the issue including the Howard County NAACP, he voted in favor of repealing the death penalty.[1]

He also successfully co-sponsored the following legislation:

Dottie Moore, Allan, Millie Bailey copyIn recognition of his efforts to protect civil rights, Senator Kittleman was awarded the 2013 Freedom Fighter Award from the Baltimore City NAACP Chapter.

In endorsing Senator Kittleman, his colleague State Senator Lisa Gladden (Democrat, Baltimore City) calls Allan Kittleman “a whole different breed of Republican.” “I think this is a guy who sees a vision of a different kind of community. Doing the right thing is bigger than party affiliation,” Gladden said. “He says what he’ll do and he does what he says. He doesn’t mind saying what he believes.” [5]

Senator Kittleman has also received the endorsement of Rev. Doug Sands, a respected civil rights leader and former President of the Howard County Chapter of the NAACP.




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