As National Democrats Call Out Extreme Gerrymandering in Maryland, An America United Releases New Video: “Fighting For The People”

While Democrats in Annapolis race to pass a redistricting map that makes the most extreme gerrymandering in the nation even worse, national Democrats are calling out this blatantly un-democratic push.

Yesterday, former Senator and Democratic Vice presidential nominee Joe Liberman wrote an op-ed in Newsweek, urging Maryland Democrats to not “ignore the will of the people” or “ignore their voices.” Over the weekend, former NATO supreme allied commander and Democratic presidential candidate General Wesley Clark published an op-ed in The Washington Post, accusing Maryland Democratic legislators of “another egregious example of the suppression of the minority vote” and a challenge to the “very fundamentals of democracy.”

This comes as An America United is releasing a new video first reported in the Daily Caller, highlighting Governor Hogan’s fight to return the power to draw redistricting maps from partisan politicians back to the people.

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