Allan Kittleman Makes Case for 13th High School Before Governor Larry Hogan and Board of Public Works

Kittleman: The Goal Is To Reduce The Need To Redistrict School Boundaries

It’s an annual tradition in Annapolis often referred to as the Beg-A-Thon.

Each year, local officials and school administrators from across the State of Maryland make their case to the Governor’s Board of Public Works that their funding requests are worthy and essential.

And, each year, Howard County is right there, too.

But this year’s proposal carries added weight because the County Executive and the HCPSS Superintendent have worked jointly on a strategy that would alleviate the need to redistrict current school boundaries.

Earlier this fall, Allan Kittleman announced his intention to accelerate construction funds on a 13th High School. Both the HCPSS and the Howard County Board of Education have said construction of a new High School is critical because it alleviates short-term redistricting needs and brings new seats online in 2022.

If the State of Maryland approves HCPSS’ funding request, a 13th High School could become a reality in Howard County.

For Allan Kittleman, the issue is personal. As an HCPSS student in the 7th grade, a young Allan Kittleman was redistricted from one school to another. His daughter Hailey and his son Robby were each redistricted

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