In a letter published in the Howard County Times last Thursday, County Executive Allan Kittleman weighed in with some very candid thoughts regarding the unrest and concern felt by many in our community in recent weeks and months.

Earlier this year, in my State of the County address, I spoke about the resurgence of anger and hostility in our community. My comments stemmed from a disturbing, racist video that was posted on social media by a high school student. We came together as a community to condemn this action and pledged to do better.

And now, we are reacting to the same anger and prejudice that we banned together against just 10 months ago.

Since the presidential election just over a week ago, we’ve seen vandalism at churches and schools, hateful social media posts, violence by and against protestors. Many people blame this anger on the long, heated and emotional national campaign. Some have maintained that this sort of reaction is to be expected, even justified.

I refuse to accept any attempts to rationalize the irrational acts of bigotry and intolerance.

We are better than this.

To read the County Executive’s letter in it’s entirety, please click here.

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