A New Brand of Leadership:

Today, the Baltimore Sun detailed how our state faces enormous fiscal pressures and will lose $405 million in revenue; the status quo is not ideal. Even in Howard County, folks, from our public servants to our seniors, are struggling to make ends meet in the face of low job growth and stagnant wages.

I know how they feel; I’ve been there before. Howard County families deserve better.

Raising taxes and fees, focusing on pet projects, and imposing nonsense rules are what got us into this predicament and any leader that seeks to maintain the status quo will only make life more difficult for thousands.

It’s time for a new brand of leadership – one that offers clear ideas for government transparency, one that promotes responsible investments in educational capital projects, and one that continues to strengthen fiscal discipline and common sense solutions to real problems in the county.

I offer voters a choice: if you are willing to vote for a candidate that will help everyone move forward together, then I am your guy. Let’s make sure everyone in the district, our county, and our state can move forward together.

Read about the fiscal concerns that all of us from the county level up need to be prepared for: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-revenue-estimates-20140924,0,5397067.story?page=1 
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