Lincoln Day Dinner – A Time for Choosing

 The 2019 Lincoln Day Dinner, the first of our post-Election Day fundraising activities, was a great success, with 135 attending, including local elected officials past and present, central committee members, past candidates, Republicans and independent voters. David Bossie, Chairman and President of Citizens United, and Deputy Campaign Manager for Donald Trump’s successful 2016 Presidential bid, was the keynote speaker. Liz Matory, 2018 Republican candidate for Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District and author of Born Again Republican, was our Honorary Chair for the evening.

Bossie offered an insider’s view of President Trump’s surprise 2016 victory and his administration, challenging local Republicans to speak out, build local coalitions, and get voters registered. As the Democratic Party turns harder and harder left, conservatism is more relevant than ever, and messages like “A Time for Choosing,”which was at the core of the Reagan Revolution, still speak to voters today.

Matory urged local party members to reach out to unaffiliated voters and conservatives who nonetheless vote Democrat on Election Day, referencing African Americans (“folks who go to church every Sunday!”), Asian Americans and rural Democrats who believe their Judeo-Christian values are not being served by their Party.

Keep an eye out for more fundraising activities, and please think about getting involved with the Howard County GOP. Each of us canmake a difference! Contact us to learn more!

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