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The 1993 Voter Registration Act, in addition to permitting us to register to vote when we apply for a driver’s license, also provided that states must assure the accuracy of their voter rolls. As of May 2012 nearly 10% of Howard County voters were classified by the Board or Elections as inactive. More than one third of these inactive voters – have not voted for a decade. It is very likely these voters no longer live at the address from which they registered, however – they can still vote! Until the State of Maryland complies with the 1993 Voter Registration Act by promptly removing inactive voters from the rolls – our vote can be nullified by voter fraud. Without complete and accurate voter registration rolls the integrity and legitimacy of Maryland’s electoral process will always be in doubt.

In addition, there are other systematic issues with the Maryland Board of Election voter roll. Here are just two examples reported in the Baltimore Sun. An article dated February 20, 2011 reported that over the last four years:

  1. Twenty-five percent of voter registrations made at Maryland MVA offices never reached the voter registration rolls.
  2. 120,000 citizens who tried to change their address didn’t have their voting records updated.

And a Jun 22, 2010 article stated that:

  1. A small sample of felons revealed 30% had not been removed from Maryland’s voter registration rolls.

Ensuring fair elections and protecting your vote is concern that goes beyond partisan politics. That’s why I’ve posted this non-partisan Voter Registration Survey so we can verify your household’s voter registration data matches the Board of Election’s records. If there is any discrepancy, for example inactive voters registered at your address, we will notify you by e-mail and help you work with the Board of Elections to have your registration records corrected.

I also invite you to participate in the Howard County Issues Survey at the bottom of the form. By doing so we will all learn what issues are most important to the citizens of Howard County. Our survey results , at the right, are updated frequently so please check this page often to see the latest results.

Thank you,Frank Alden Smith
Howard County Republican Precinct Organization Director

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HCRPO_-_HOCO_Voter_Registration_Survey (1)

For a copy of the Howard County Voter Registration Survey, click on the image above.

Click here to fill out this form directly online.


Click on the top image to see how Howard County feels based on the Voter Registration Surveys. Click on the bottom image to see a recent poll done by Rasmussen Reports for the nation.