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RED ALERT: Redistricting Testimony Needed This Monday Night!

How is it that Democrats control 7 of Maryland's 8 U.S. Congressional seats when only 54% of Maryland voters have registered as Democrats? Simple. By drawing Congressional districts like this one.  Maryland's famous 3rd Congressional District ...

How Virginia’s Electorate Shifted Toward Republicans

This post first appeared here on In a break with Virginia’s recent electoral history, Republican Glenn Youngkin bested Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the state’s highly contentious governor’s race on Tuesday. Polls going into election night had ...

Former Clinton Treasury secretary: Biden administration not grasping concern of inflation

This article first appeared here on Former Clinton treasury secretary Larry Summers raised concerns on Thursday over the economy and inflation during an interview on CNN's "New day." "I do think that unfortunately some of ...

Turnover in 2022: Maryland’s top statewide offices are about to get new occupants, a rare occurrence

This article first appeared here on the Baltimore Sun's website. Over the next year, each of the top statewide offices in Maryland will feature new faces, a rare occurrence in state history that may offer an ...

Trump involvement in midterms could hurt Republicans, Maryland’s GOP governor says

This report first appeared here on (CNN)The involvement of former President Donald Trump in 2022 midterm campaigns could hurt the GOP, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, said Sunday, as the 45th President continues to ...

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