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National Review: Yes, the Dems Would Abolish Suburbia

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National Review: Yes, the Dems Would Abolish Suburbia

Most of us moved to Howard County to enjoy the benefits of suburban or rural life--open spaces, fewer crowds. clean air, and a strong educational system among them. When voting, Howard Countians should think carefully about ...

Early Voting Begins! Get Out and VOTE!

Beginning at 7:00 AM Monday, October 26th (TOMORROW, as we post this), Howard Countians will be able to vote at any one of five designated locations. These locations will be open every day from 7:00 AM ...

Governor Hogan: Vote AGAINST Question 1, FOR Question 2

Governor Larry Hogan today announced his position on the statewide ballot initiatives.

Election 2020: A Few More Questions

The referendum questions which appear on our ballots are often misunderstood and overlooked by voters, but they're an important part of the electoral process. They bring to voter scrutiny questions the County Charter of the State ...

Less Money for Charities! Uh… Go Blue?

Recently, more grocery stores have been doing something ingenious. They've programmed their registers to offer to round up every customer's total to the next dollar. The extra pennies go to the store's charity of choice. Children ...

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